Corrie and Scott W. I've used Mary Tweedy Photography for all of my pictures since my son was born. From the first session, she made me and my son feel very relaxed and comfortable. She has always made sure that my son was accommodated (feedings, diaper changes, etc.) for the duration of the photo shoot. She also has always had a good turn around and offers many options to choose from for a final product. We joined the baby club and took pictures at three and a half months, eight months, and twelve months. It was wonderful to chronicle the journey of my baby's first year through the pictures that Mary took. As a result of us being a part of the baby club, we were able to get a free session during our son's second year. All of the photos have been of amazing quality, and the final products have always met with my satisfaction. Mary is a wonderful photographer that will take time with all her clients and make sure they're happy with the end product.
I highly recommend her!
Lauren and Brett S. We absolutely love Mary She is very professional and has a great eye. We have been so happy with all of her work and can't wait to use her for all of our future photography needs.
As you can see from some of the sample work, she has a great eye for detail and outstanding technique. Not only does she have the technical chops to pull off amazing shots, she has the rare ability to work with subjects in a fast and efficient manner to get the best shots in the shortest amount of time. The skill and experience required to get un-cooperative children to pose for the camera is her speciality. Lastly, her talent also extends into her post production ability where she goes the extra mile to to ensure each shot is pixel perfect.
I definitely recommend working with her and would trust her with just about any job.
Matthew and Erica J.